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Indulge in the captivating allure of Alloy Vixen, where extraordinary jewelry creations come to life. Alloy Vixen's creatrix seeks to convey strength and empowerment through her work, creating wearable art where daring confidence and alluring elegance intertwine. Each piece is unique and meticulously handcrafted, embracing the spirit of sustainability and innovation by upcycling metals and exploring the untapped beauty of unconventional sources. A touch of alchemical mastery adorns the jewelry, unveiling a breathtaking metamorphosis as the light dances upon its surface. With an unrivaled style that stands uncharted, Alloy Vixen is a haven for those who seek to adorn themselves in uniqueness and forge a path where self-expression reigns supreme.


Welcome to Alloy Vixen

Meet the Maker

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